Lampshade by Patrick Iu and Mattias Chrisander

Patrick Iu and Mattias Chrisander Creates The Mesh Lampshade

Patrick Iu and Mattias Chrisander, the project leader of the awarded work Patrick Iu and Mattias Chrisander's Mesh Lampshade says, Mesh is a lampshade that let’s the end-user giving it the final shape. This will give the lampshade a personal touch for the end-user, making every lampshade unique. As for shipment of Mesh it comes only 0,5mm thick and 300mm in diameter, which makes a perfect flat package. It can then expand from 0,5mm toa round 15cm in height. The end-user can also attach two Mesh together to form a top and bottom part, a system to fasten the parts together is already integrated in the product and no further tools or products is needed..

Lampshade by Patrick Iu and Mattias Chrisander Images:


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