Colour Injector by Taras Sgibnev

Taras Sgibnev Shares The Colour Injector Interactive Multicoloured Lamp

Taras Sgibnev, the project leader of the displayed work Interactive Multicoloured Lamp by Taras Sgibnev demonstrates, Colour injector is an interactive multicoloured lamp designed as a physical expression of the way red, green and blue light are used in digital interfaces to create a full spectrum of different hues. The lamp represents an idea of 'in-n-out' system where an unusual analogue input is connected to a digital output in order to make some fun and provoke people into the emotional response. Syringes suspended below the lamp are connected to another set inside the body. The handles of the syringes are attached to sliding switches connected to Arduino that controls the colour output of light diodes..

Colour Injector by Taras Sgibnev Images:


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